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Welcome to Fairy Garden World


There are various myths and folklore about Fairies, many paradoxical but, one thing for sure is that nothing is impossible beyond the Fairy Door, just let your imagination show you the way. 

Here are a few of those such myths and folklore: 

Some say fairies are 6” some say 2-4” tall depending on the species, which there are many. Females are timid, kind and have magical powers bestowing wealth & intelligence on humans. 

Fairies like to live on hills, in  hallow hills, trees (Willows are their favorite) or in water. Some say they are allergic to silver, some say silver is the fairy metal they exchange for healthy milk  teeth.

Fairies often transform themselves into cats, particularly white cats. They are immortal, very neat and  they hate salt. Never refer to them as "Fairies" when they are around.

The best time to see a fairy is dawn, noon, dusk or midnight during a full moon. Best months are May and October.

If you ever feel a gust of wind for no apparent reason, it could just be a fairy passing by. Don’t try and steal fairy treasures or that gust of fairy wind may pick you up and take you away, never to be seen again.

Fairies with wings don’t always fly well. They flutter from one object to another, sometimes just hovering above the ground. They prefer to fly around on a flower stem or stick. Fairy godmothers are immune to this flaw as they have mastered the flying thing.

If you see dark green circles in a field of grass, this could be a “Fairy ring” where fairies are known to gather and dance. Don’t mess with these rings, it could be deadly.

In Fairy Garden World, fairies do co-exist with humans, beyond the Fairy Door  


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